The image world that I work in concerns the question of how light and darkness can bring the mundane to life, drawing out stories that we sometimes only imagine.


The images exist somewhere on the border between the observable and the imagined.  Are the trees only a forest? What can I see? What is the light doing to us? What's there in the darkness?  What do I remember?


The camera sees right away what I myself don't notice:  The remarkable often takes place around the edges or in the background.


In the end everything relates to the whole, which cannot be diminished.  But we can feel something.


The images are original, and have been produced on prepared aluminum or wooden panels using a proprietary method developed from old-fashioned photo retouching and colouring techniques and icon painting.


This technique involves me thoroughly reworking my photos digitally, and then printing them onto a specially-prepared wood or metal panel.


I then use lacquers and paints to further deepen, emphasise and obscure.  Finally, the works are lacquered to protect them.


Trained in Copenhagen, I have - after a career as a designer and architect - been working as a full-time artist for a number of years.